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We are foodhaus!  Our journey began in 2011, when we opened our first specialised frozen food store under the name Foodsaver in Ayios Andreas, Nicosia.  Since then, we have grown to a chain of 9 stores with a presence in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca. Over the years, we have evolved from a frozen food store to a store that offers a complete range of frozen, chilled, dry and fresh foodstuff. Our consistency in high quality, our unique products and value for money offering has enabled us to become the true destination for foodlovers! Thus, in 2021 we decided it was time for a transition, and following a major renovation, we have renamed our shops foodhaus. We strongly believe that our new positioning reflects who we truly are and what we really stand for.


At foodhaus, we’re on a mission to inspire Cyprus’ food lovers with great quality ingredients and food products at the right price.
We stock our stores with a hand-picked selection of products and ingredients from around the world, as well as from local producers, offering the same excellent quality demanded by the best restaurants in Cyprus. So, whether it’s for a family Sunday lunch, a relaxed BBQ with friends or a simple mid-week dinner, food lovers choose foodhaus.


Whether it’s for everyday consumption, or for a special occasion, we aim to provide great food that supports all our customers’ nutritional requirements - be it organic, vegan, gluten-free, high protein, and more, and to offer these at the best possible price, while at the same time, being considerate of our environment and as well as consistently offering the best possible customer service experience.

We are driven by our values which are shared with our mother company iph:

  • respect as the foundation in everything we do,
  • we love what we do and we do it with passion,
  • we are one team
  • We take and assign responsibility and we are accountable
  • we are pioneers who continuously evolve and develop
  • We operate with reliability and consistency towards our customers.

We are able to provide high quality food products from all over the world thanks to the correct supply chain procedures regarding transportation and processing which we strictly follow. Our recently built state-of-the-art Warehouse and Distribution centre, and the controlled temperatures we make sure to maintain during transportation and storing of products, guarantee the freshness and high quality of our frozen, chilled and dry foods - from the moment they arrive at the port to the time they reach your doorstep.

Our food specialists continuously search for new and unique food experiences from all over the world. The result is a diverse line of brands and products that have become synonymous with quality and novelty, and synonymous with the foodhaus stores.

As for the future, we consider ourselves on a journey of constant improvement and innovation to better serve the Cyprus foodlovers in our special food stores


At foodhaus we are extremely proud of our staff. Each member of our team is well-trained and highly knowledgeable and can share a wealth of secrets with you to help perfect your meals. They are foodlovers, just like you!

Proud Foodlovers – These are the people you see every time you visit our stores and who are always happy to help you. They are not just retail service people, they are foodlovers and extremely proud of it! But what are foodlovers and what makes them so special? Passionate about what they do, foodlovers enjoy the entire process of preparing a good dish – from the initial inspiration of what to cook, to the selection of the ingredients, the actual cooking process and finally, sharing their delicious creations with their loved ones.

Foodlovers Captain – This is the Chief Foodlover’s right hand, he/she knows the secrets of preparing a delicious meal and helps our Proud Foodlovers become better every day!

Chief Foodlover – The leader of the store! Besides organising and coordinating the store, the Chief Foodlover knows almost everything there is to know about cooking with products from the foodhaus stores.

Kxoffee lovers – our star baristas at our kxoffee project that know everything there is to know about brewing the best coffee especially for you!


Aglantzia Store

Nausika Kakoutsi

Maria Leandrou

Elli Demetriou

Christodoulos Taliadoros

Anastasia Anthimiadou

Giorgos Adamou

Μaria Xenofontos

Athanasios Galanopoulos

Katerina Zografou

Panos Chimonides

Makedonitissa Store

Tasos Karasavvidis

Andriana Themistokleous

Markos Evangelou

Oxana Nikolaou

Christina Hatzicosti

Vasilia Senekki

Strovolos(Athinon) Store

Constantinos Paraskevopoulos

Andri Agathokleous

Evis Stylianou

Marios Ioannou

Cosmas Kazi

Agios Andreas Store

Kyriakos Ierodiakonou

Maritini Kliridou

Lakatamia Store

Andri Kyriakidou

Tsiala Michaelidou

Tina Markotsouliou

Ourania Renou

Natali Constantinou

Latsia Store

Elena Nicolaou

Stavros Marangos


Mesa Geitonia Store

Elena Kalafati

Fenia Papapanagiotou

VelIzara Ascova

Sally Christina El Sohl

Anna Nikolaou

Constantinos Hadjichristoforou

Germasoyia Store

George Charalambous

Stavroula Aristodimou

Kristia Pizanidou

Marina Charalambous


Larnaca Store

Denitsa Papazachariou

Petros Panagi

Valentina Dineva

Elena Louca

Elena Chantzi

Maria Georgiou

Michaella Mappoura