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Homemade healthy granola bars

Prep-time Bake-time
10 min 180 min
6 people


  • 2 1/3 cups Deliciously Ella Berry Granola
  • 1/2 cup foodhaus Blossom honey or Maple Syrup
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter HEALTHY NUT BUTTERS
  • 1/4 cup almonds foodhaus cooked white almonds, chopped in small pieces (optional)
  • 3-4 dried dates foodhaus, chopped in small pieces
  • 5-6 dried apricots foodhaus, chopped in small pieces
  • ½ tsp Maldon sea salt
  • 50gr Vegan chocolate chopped*


Cover with greaseproof paper a rectangular baking pan or Pyrex with dimensions of about 20×20cm or 20x30cm. If you want, you can butter the base or you can use a little bit of coconut oil to stick the greaseproof paper to the baking pan or Pyrex.

In a bowl add the granola and the chopped dates, apricots and almonds (optional).

Put the honey and peanut butter in a small non-stick pan and heat them at a medium temperature until they are well combined (be careful not to burn it!)

Add the honey and peanut butter to the bowl with the granola and the rest of the ingredients.

Mix all the ingredients until combined well. You have to be quick because as the peanut butter cools down, the harder it becomes to mix.

Pour the mixture into the baking pan or Pyrex and press the mixture evenly down with wet hands.

You can put the vegan dark chocolate or the almonds on top here and press them into the mixture. You could melt dark chocolate and drizzle it on top of the mixture before adding it in the fridge.

Refrigerate the mixture for at least 2-3 hours (ideally overnight).

Then take the baking pan or Pyrex out of the fridge and cut 8-10 bars. Serve and enjoy!

You could wrap each bar in a small piece of greaseproof paper and keep them in individual bars for more than a week in your fridge!

*This recipe item is not found in foodhaus shop