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Shrimp Sushi Balls

Prep-time Bake-time
5 min 40 min
2 people


  • 1 cup Family Farm Carolina rice
  • 1 1/4 cup of water
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 4 tbsp rice vinegar*
  • 12 shrimps
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil*
  • 2 tbsp Develey mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp Kikkoman sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp Kikkoman teriyaki marinade
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 tsp Pepper
  • 1 tbs sesame seeds*


Wash the rice and place it in a small pan with water and bring it to a boil. As soon as it begins boiling turn the heat down to the lowest setting, cover the pot and let it cook for 10'. After 10' turn off the heat and let it rest for at least 15' without opening the lid. Cook the shrimps in a pan with some vegetable oil and chop them into small pieces. Dice the avocado and chop the green onion and mix them with the shrimp. Add the mayo, sesame oil, teriyaki marinate, salt and pepper and mix everything together.

Transfer the rice into a bowl and season with salt and rice vinegar. Take a piece of plastic wrap and place about two tablespoons of rice on top. Using a spoon, spread the rice into a flat circle. Place a tablespoon of the shrimp mixture in the middle of the rice and begin wrapping the plastic wrap to create a ball by bringing all sides together. Wrap tightly until a solid rice ball is formed and you can no longer see the filling. Unwrap and transfer to a plate. To make the sushi balls look even better, mix some more mayonnaise and teriyaki marinade in a small bowl and drizzle on top of each ball. Top them with some sesame seeds for extra flavor, avocado and green onion and enjoy!

Kali Orexi!

*This recipe item is not found in foodhaus shop